Gacha Pets Update 4

Dec. 1, 2022

The Endless Forest entrance has been discovered. Take 3 pets with you to explore as much as you can. The forest changes weekly and the players that reach the furthest regions of the forest each week will receive amazing rewards!

Collect a new currency item called Bottled Mist to purchase new powerful items from the Temple of Mist. Some of the new items include an orb that can awaken any pet that you give it to and brand-new potions and elixir recipes to craft at the all-new apothecary.

The Mines of Descent are now open. Delve into the mines and find Ancient Amber, a new item that you can crack to find ancient relics to give to your pets.

Seven new pets have been released, Uni, Terra, Scorchy, Draco, Cackle, Monti, and Squirrely. The first two weeks after this release is published will have a boosted chance to incubate these new pets. Get them while they're hot!

Holiday Login Event Login each day in December to receive some gifts! We hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and a new year!

A new version of Gacha Pets is available as well. You can now play Gacha Pets in the browser on the same account as your Alexa. Play Gacha Pets in the browser now!