Brainiac Trivia

Is your brain HUGE? See who has the biggest brain with Brainiac Trivia! Answer as many questions as you can each day to climb the daily leaderboard. If you get 3 wrong, you're out! You can say "skip" 3 times a game to skip something you don't know. Say "hint" to ask for a hint.

Brainiac Trivia features more than 500 trivia questions in a wide variety of categories.

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If you have feedback or would like to submit a wrong answer to one of our questions, you can email If you like the game and would like us add more questions, leave us a good rating to let us know! Thanks!

Things you can say in-game:

  • Change username to [user name]
  • Skip You get 3 skips per a game.
  • Can I have a hint Asking for a hint will reduce the number of points you earn from that question.
  • Subscribe to premium
  • Buy continue
  • Leaderboard List of the top Brainiacs of the day.
  • Help