Gacha Pets

Collect and level up pets! Then take your pet to the arena and fight against other players' pets. Get Gacha Eggs and incubate them to obtain new pets. There are currently 17 pets to collect. Can you hatch them all?

The Arena

Go up against other players and climb the arena ranks!

The Endless Dungeon

Delve into the endless dungeon for tough boss battles and epic loot! Find items that grant your pets new skills to use in combat, elixirs that grant permanent attribute increase and perhaps even a Gacha Egg! Can you take your pets deeper into the dungeon than anyone else? Climb the endless dungeon leaderboard with every 10 levels you climb.

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Things you can say in-game:

  • Enter the arena
  • Enter the endless dungeon
  • List pets
  • List items
  • List places
  • Inspect [pet name]
  • Send [pet name] to the gym
  • Send [pet name] to the library
  • Send [pet name] to the track
  • Send [pet name] to the mountain peak
  • Give [item name] to [pet name]
  • Help

Replace [pet name] with a name of one of your pets.