Gacha Pets

Collect and level up pets! Then take your pet to the arena and fight against other players' pets. Get Gacha Eggs and incubate them to obtain new pets. There are currently 66 pets to collect, 1 pet you can catch from fishing, 1 pet from the first summoning shrine boss and 6 pet evolutions. Can you hatch them all?

The Arena

Go up against other players and climb the arena ranks!

The Endless Dungeon

Fight your way through the endless dungeon for tough boss battles and epic loot! Find items that grant your pets new skills to use in combat, elixirs that grant permanent attribute increase and perhaps even a Gacha Egg! Can you take your pets deeper into the dungeon than anyone else? Climb the endless dungeon leaderboard with every 10 levels you climb.

The Mines of Descent

Delve into the mines to improve your equipment. Fight bosses and perhaps find more amber to get even more gear.

The Endless Forest

Explore the weekly randomly generated endless forest to find epic loot and climb the leaderboard for amazing rewards!

The Daycare

Leave your pet at the daycare and the daycare staff will take it on adventures until it's worn out. Your pet will gain experience and collect loot for you in this idle game mode. Make sure to give your pet equipment, food, and a stamina potion before leaving it at the daycare to maximize your pet's time at the daycare.

The Docks

Head out to the docks to catch some fish, pull up lock boxes full of random loot, and maybe catch the exclusive fishing pet Axle if you're lucky. Use the fish you catch in the kitchen to make food for your pet.

The Farm

Grow plants at the farm that you can take to the kitchen to craft a hearty meal for your pets.

The Kitchen

Craft food to give to your pet to keep them happy and give them powerful buffs. Happy pets gain more experience. Keep your pets well-fed!

The Summoning Shrine

Find summoning scrolls while fighting through the various activities and bring them here to summon a multiplayer boss. Each boss has exclusive loot.

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Things you can say in-game:

  • Enter the arena
  • Enter the endless dungeon
  • Enter the mines of descent
  • Enter the endless forest
  • List pets
  • List items
  • List places
  • Inspect [pet name]
  • Send [pet name] to the gym
  • Send [pet name] to the library
  • Send [pet name] to the track
  • Send [pet name] to the mountain peak
  • Give [item name] to [pet name]
  • Help

Replace [pet name] with a name of one of your pets.