an idea for the game.

Posted by jeffery on June 12, 2024

I think team battles should be implemented. This would be where players set up a team, with lots of different trainers and their pets. All the teams compete with each other, to see which is the best team. For example, you could have a team of 50 trainers, each one has 20 pets, with a range of different skills. Then there is another team with the same amount trainers and pets, they compete together to see which one would win, and then there would be massive loot rewards.


Reply by Jayde on June 12, 2024

I think twenty pets would be excessive for this. Maybe 3-7, max.

Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on June 12, 2024

That would be a pretty epic battle! I’m not really sure exactly how it would work, 2,000 pets in a fight would get a little crazy. Guild battles could be something like this. Maybe players could leave pets at the guild and the battles could be automated. I would like to work on guilds in the next couple of updates.

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