Strange problem

Posted by Goro on June 30, 2024

Hello, recently a friend of mine had a strange problem.
She always loses some items, it's not really lost, it's just sold on the auction house for unknown reasons.
I thought she sold it but she forgot until I witnessed a problem.
She opened the lockbox and received a fishing contract and she got a fishing contract.
But after accessing the list of items, she showed me that it was sold on the auction house, she couldn't sell it if she didn't access the auction house, right, so why was it there?
I'm not sure what to think, but maybe someone accessed her account without permission.
I'm not sure because I can't check how many devices are accessing the account, I use 1 computer and 1 Android phone, and she only uses Android phone.
Admins, can you help me check my friend's account? Her account name is BabyMouse.
Hope the helping.


Reply by jeffery on June 30, 2024

i’m slightly confused, but I think you mean that the item went on the auction house, but your friend never went into the auction house. This is because you can tell your device to sell a specific amount of an item, and then any items that you have that are over that value will automatically get put on the auction house. Hope this helps

Reply by Goro on July 1, 2024

Just as you described, but me and my friend are using the web

Reply by jeffery on July 1, 2024

I think you can do a similar thing on the browser version, I personally don’t use that though.

Reply by nifty on July 2, 2024

Yeah, maybe she accidentally sold more than she had, and that program is auto-selling to pay off that debt, that's what the replies make it sound like, I'm just summarizing.

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