Evolving chika

Posted by SilverTwilight on June 24, 2024

hi, is it only female chika that can evolve? I tried to evolve my mail Chika, and got the following message. No available evolution paths for Male Chika. Thanks


Reply by Jayde on June 24, 2024

No. It means you've already got a male and female Kaze. I had this happen as well. It's either that, or it's a bug. But probably it's so you don't just keep getting chikas via eggs, and making kaze out of them. The same is probably true of other evos.

Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on June 28, 2024

You need to have your male Chika to level 250, give it a brand of Kaze and have Chika Swarm and Twister to mastery level 10. Then you can give it an orb of evolution and it should work.

Reply by nifty on July 2, 2024

Yeah, coming from a Pokémon background, sometimes I forget the brands. Yeah, in this game, the brands are needed for evolution to happen, Brand of Kaze in the case of Chika.

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