Habanero Worm Plate

Posted by nifty on July 2, 2024

Hello! I've been playing Gacha Pets since some time in May, and I remember for a long time I didn't want to be part of the forum because many forums on many websites require a separate account and there are often many different boards, and I just wasn't ready for it. But when I found out that my forum account was the same account I use to play the game, and that the forum is just one board with all the threads on it, I was so happy! So, what's with the Habanero Worm Plate? First I leveled my cooking all the way up to 10, and there was still no habanero worm plate in my kitchen. I figured maybe it was because there were unobtainable ingredients in it; well, after my cooking level was all the way up, I decided to bring my farming level all the way up; after a week or so I managed to do it. And still no habanero worm plate or its alleged ingredients. I'm cooking level 10, farming level 10, I brought my cooking level up before my farming level, and I'm trainer level 94, and there is no habanero worm plate. Is this one of those undeveloped items with future plans, similar to the infamous alchemy experience screen that you can't add points to, cupid boss and so on? Is habanero worm plate one of those?


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