Questions and Concerns

Posted by Jayde on June 11, 2024

A couple of things I'd like to bring up. Some are questions, a couple are concerns.

First, a question. What the heck do void essences of ice do? I have dozens of them from lockboxes, but I don't see what to do with them.

An observation. I feel like the pet randomization when opening eggs is weird. I just opened six eggs, and three of them were Corvus. Corvus is a rare shadow-wind creature; what are the odds that I would get three of the same rare? Now, meanwhile, I have been seeking Owlkin for literally five days now, and I've never seen one; yet, during that time, I've gotten dozens of falco, corvus, and various other monsters. Now I know a good deal of this is probably just RNG, but it really does seem like there are tiers of RNG within each overall tier. This happens with gear as well. My Lion Pelt has over 200 total forges now, yet something like my Giant's Toe, which is common, has less than half of that. To be clear, I don't care about the Giant's Toe specifically, I'm just saying that I sort of feel like the game is secretly putting its thumb on the scales and making certain outcomes far more likely.

Next, another question. What is it that dictates how many Ancient Gifts a pet can receive? It does not appear to be based purely on level, but I'm curious about it, since if I know what it is that grants access to more gifts, I'll use that to buff my Rainbow Serpent.

And lastly, another concern, though this is a little more of a criticism than a concern. I notice that if I don't click fast, I have to sit and watch the entire battle play out in the mines or dungeon, vs. just clicking "continue"; if I click "continue while attacks are happening, the virtual cursor leaps down into the combat text and I have to scroll back up. Is there any way to change this behaviour? It makes monsters that have quick skills an extra pain to level, since you're forever having to bounce back up and find the "continue button because the game apparently hasn't caught up.

Oh, sorry, one other question. In the auction house, I see a lot of runes, something about an observatory. Is this future content, or content that's no longer available, or what? I kind of feel like I'm missing out here. lol

Thanks for your time. I'm still enjoying the heck out of this game, and I did manage to purchase premium for myself and a friend, because this is a great time-passer.


Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on June 11, 2024

Void essences are only used for one recipe at the moment, Frozen Cream. They will be used for a lot more things in the future. Right now I'm trying really hard to complete all of the core systems of the game, so a lot of the content is put on the back burner. Core systems are things like guilds, sending items at the post office, difficulty levels, etc. The game is missing a lot of these features. Once these systems are done, I'll be able to spend a lot more time adding new pets, evolutions, glyphs, summoning shrine bosses and everything else. I'm greatly looking forward to this...

You can add 1 + 1 per 10 max level gifts to a pet. So a pet that has a max level of 100 but is level 1 will be able to have 11 gifts.

Oh, that's strange that it only happens when you don't click fast. Like I said in the other forum thread, the UI is being reworked. If the problem is still there after the update, I'll see if I can figure out a solution. Maybe have it focus on the same button after the request is completed would do the trick.

I didn't really like how the observatory system was turning out and decided to scrap the idea. I haven't removed the runes yet. I decided to make a new place called the University instead. You will be able to take classes there and get various account buffs and bonuses. The runes were way too random and hard to collect the ones you wanted.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game. Sorry for all of the problems!

Reply by Jayde on June 11, 2024

Hi there. I appreciate you getting back to me.

Unfortunately, one of those problems just got a whole, whole lot worse.

I bought 500 gacha eggs, because I wanted to test a theory and thought this was more than a large enough number.
Of those 500 eggs, I would say a good five or six dozen alone were just Corvus and Falco. alarming.
What's more alarming is that of those 500 eggs, I was looking for a female Aquara, or either gender Owlkin. Any one of those would have been cool. Not only did I get none of those, I didn't even get any male Aquara eggs. Got dozens and dozens of eggs for stuff that's already maxed out, and have reached a point where I believe I've got more orbs of awakening than I even need.

Given that 500 eggs was not enough to find me the pets I want (yes, they're mythical, and this is gacha, and I get that), but also given how weird and possibly skewed the randomization is (I have routinely gotten three or four Falco or Corvus in a row, and that just doesn't happen with other pets), I am left with an extremely bitter taste in my mouth, and will not be buying eggs or amber going forward. I may continue with premium; time will tell on that one. But at this point, all desire to actually find the pet that will complete my team synergy is gone. I'm just going to idle-play this one now, because if fifty bucks and five hundred eggs, not to mention dozens of hours of gameplay and thousands of eggs opened via normal means, weren't enough to get me what I'm after, then I will not be roped into the slot machine any further.

I realize that Gacha is right in the name, and I realize that your aim is to make money. But I can't help but wonder if this "thumb on the scales" thing is a deliberate (or perhaps unintended) issue. Either way, this took most of the wind out of my sails for awhile.

You have a really interesting game here, but this level of randomness is absolutely brutal, and I can't justify spending money on it.

Reply by Jayde on June 11, 2024

If I might, however, offer a gentle suggestion, perhaps implement some form of pity counter. For instance, every time a player incubates an egg, raise counter by 1; if player finds a mythic monster they already own, decrement counter by 50, to a minimum of 0 (no negative numbers). If counter reaches 200, the next egg is a guaranteed mythic that the player does not have. This way, a player will at least have a theoretical chance of fishing up more mythics, with a whole lot of eggs.
It's just that when you're trainer level 89, have opened over a thousand eggs overall, and still don't have either of the pieces that would complete team synergy, that kind of takes all the fun out. Especially given the behaviour I've outlined above, when getting certain rare birds in streaks of three and four, semi-regularly. It's very disheartening.

Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on June 11, 2024

There is a pity system and the latest set of pets is boosted. If you don't get a Mythic pet in 40 incubations, you're guaranteed to get a mythic on the next one. The boosted system makes it so 1 out of 5 incubations is guaranteed to be one of the new pets and there's also a boosted rate to the rarity. The boosted rarity is currently 500%, that may be a bit much and making it harder to get the older mythics since you're much more likely to get a mythic from the latest set and reset the counter.

The birds you've mentioned are from the latest set of pets released, so it makes sense that you're seeing them more often. I'll put the incubation code on PasteBin if anyone knows Python and wants to check it out.

I'm going to disable the boosted pets. They've been boosted for a long time and I've been meaning to make them only boosted for a few weeks.

Reply by Jayde on June 11, 2024

Hi there. I appreciate this immensely. I can understand why the newest round of pets was boosted, if you wanted them to see more play. I don't know enough code to know what I'd be looking at, but I appreciate the transparency as well.

Your pity system is a lot kinder than I expected, but I'm not going to say no to that. Thank you so much for your explanations and attention to this issue. At first when I was seeing a lot of certain pets, I figured it must just be RNG having fun with me. But after enough eggs get opened, I knew there had to be something. It was nice to know that I was correct and that now the bias toward newer pets won't be there.
I'm more than happy to hunt for awhile for stuff that's really, really good, or hard to find; that's kinda the point after all. So again, thanks for everything.

Reply by Jayde on June 12, 2024

I did get my Owlkin. Now if I can just fish up a female Aquara, I'll be good to go. I wasn't sure if its skill would summon its mate, regardless of status, but it appears that it only works if you have it in your roster somewhere. Given the power of Tidal Wave, I get it, but still. That said, it is a very specific mythic, and I can't complain about odds of getting mythics in general.

Just one question. Before I crack open any more amber, are they boosted as well? Asking because I have a Lion Pelt with over 400 max forges on it, while some of my other commons have less than 100, while Lion Pelt is rare.

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