New Update

Posted by Jennifer on July 10, 2024

I noticed the changes made to the browser version. Updating things is always good but there is one thing I'm not crazy about. The list of items are no longer in alphabetical order and we don't have the different categories like before. I wish that hadn't been changed. It was easier to see what I had and how much when I could just go to the category. If I needed to feed a pet I could go to food and see all my food in one place and right away know if I needed to make something. Same with the potions and everything else. When the list of our items were in alphabetical order I could quickly go through the list and find what I needed. Things like all the many elixirs were together so I could easily find the one I needed since I don't remember which ones I had and what each one did. I could just do a search for the word elixir which is what I'll have to do. Another thing I noticed is that we don't have the auction house or consignment shop so what do we do? I haven't been to all the places in the game yet to see what other changes have been made. I did look at the equipment list and I saw that we can change how our equipment is listed and that's good. I didn't see if we could do that with the list of our items. As a blind user I can still navigate through everything easily and I appreciate that.


Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on July 10, 2024

I’m going to add the item categories back. Sorry about that.

Reply by Jennifer on July 11, 2024

I just looked and saw the option to choose the category. I looked before I read you reply so it took me a minute to figure out where all my items went. When something doesn't seem right I read line by line instead of using my shortcut keys for navigating around a website. Thanks for putting the categories back. It really does help especially when we have over 100 items.

Reply by laisdandrea on July 14, 2024

I'd like to say that the update is excellent for playing in browsers. Many thanks to the developers!

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