Could this game please be turned into an i'os aplication?

Posted by Harcom_Daker on Feb. 27, 2024

Hi. I have not had much time to play this game owing to the fact that I find the internet quite hard to navigate. I've played it on alexa though. I was wondering if this game could be theurned into an app which could be downloaded from the app store. This would mean it would be easier to find and play.


Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on Feb. 27, 2024

Yes, it will be available on iOS in the future. There is a list of systems and features that I would like to complete before releasing the game on Steam, Android, and iOS.

Reply by arigon on June 3, 2024

Oh it would be cool to play this game on ios. i play in browser because i cannot link my german amazon account to the game. i wish there could be help in the browser version of this game. or an option to star over the game.

Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on June 3, 2024

The game will be released on Steam first and then depending on how it’s received, it may come out on iOS and Android soon after.

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