Questions about some hidden items

Posted by Goro on June 28, 2024

Hello, there are some items here that I don't have any information about.
So I post this here.
I've seen items related to runes, I looked it up on the guide, but didn't see any trading locations or drop locations for these items.
These runes are great, they usually add between 5% and 10% chance to various things.
But now I don't know where to find the runes and the runes need to be used in the observatory, so where is the observatory and how do I get these runes?


Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on June 28, 2024

Runes were for a new place called the observatory that I was working on, but decided to scrap the idea. You will be able to get similar bonuses that you see on the runes from a new place called the University. You will be able to select courses in the University and they will take time to complete. Once complete, the bonus will be applied.

I will most likely be repurposing the Observatory in the next difficulty for pet bonuses rather than the trainer bonuses that I was planning on using it for.

Reply by Pets4Me on July 7, 2024

Would you be able to make a special Library section where we read little stories about our pets or something similar with relation to the game in some way, so that you earn points or get some other kind of reward?

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