These pitiful things

Posted by Goro on June 25, 2024

Hello, why are some categories not listed on the Gacha Pets guide page?
First, regarding status effects, there is a page about this but it is not listed on the guide page, I found it when clicking on a skill status, here is the link to it:
I'm wondering, is there also a guide page about equipments, it's just not listed so we can't access it.
Second, some items seem strange.
An item called Heart Shaped Lockbox, it says that this can be found in Cupid, it doesn't have any summon scroll related to summoning this boss, so how do I get it to show me the box? there?
Finally, there is something missing in the pets list, why isn't there a list of bosses there? All information related to the boss has an accessible link but it doesn't appear in the pets guide list.


Reply by Digital Hokum Staff Replymalero on June 28, 2024

Yes, there will be an equipment page on the guide at some point. I'm currently working on finishing up the next update. I'll try to put in some time after the next update to finish it up. Heart Shaped Lockbox is from a new boss named Cupid. There will be 2 new summon shrine bosses in the next update, Cupid and Lucan.

I'll have to add a separate page for the bosses and other pets that players can't get.

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