Townsmith: Fame or Fortune

Townsmith: Fame or Fortune is an Alexa skill. Direct your townspeople towards fame and fortune in this question and answer based role-playing adventure game.

Play Townsmith: Fame or Fortune on Alexa

There are currently a little over 100 events. If you have feedback, you can email If you like the game and would like us add more events, leave us a good rating to let us know! Thanks!

Things you can say in-game:

  • Town status
  • List characters
  • List unemployed characters
  • Tell me about homer
  • List buildings
  • Tell me about the tavern
  • Send homer to work at the tavern
  • Who works at the tavern?
  • List bartenders

Profession queries:

  • List bartenders
  • List traders
  • List salesman
  • List blacksmiths
  • List miners
  • List hosts
  • List witches
  • List cooks
  • List farmers
  • List diplomats
  • List thieves
  • List warriors