Game Guide


Common Earth

While it will eat any food, it prefers to munch on rocks. The constant crunching sound of the rocks it's biting pierces the ears of all around it. It's quite annoying.


Boulder Toss

Deals earth damage based on pet's strength to target and applies the Concussed status effect. If the target is already concussed, deal double damage.

Rock Biter

At the beginning of each of this pet's turns, sit down and enjoy a rock or two. Heal for 10% + 2% per mastery level health and taunt all enemies.


Each pet level grants the following attributes:

Strength 3
Intelligence 1
Speed 1
Vitality 7

Rocky Evolutions

Rocky can evolve into the following pets:

Note: Evolving Rocky requires it to be level 250, both skills to be mastery level 10, applying the evolved pet's brand and then applying an Orb of Evolution to that pet.