Game Guide


Evolved Fire/Wind

Losing is not an option. Chikas, assemble, be my stepping stones to victory!


Call For Backup

Summons a Chiko and give it a random status effect. After the pet is summoned, swarm the target dealing heavy wind damage based on the pet's speed with hits equal to 1 + the number of summoned Chikos. +5 mastery level: Summons 2 Chikos and grant them 3 random status effects. +10 mastery level: Summons 3 Chikos and grant them 6 random status effects. Cannot summon more Chikos than the number of Chikos summoned based on mastery level.

Cannon Fodder

Triggered skill/cannot be used - After a friendly pet is summoned, hurl it at a random enemy dealing fire damage equal to 500% + 50% per mastery level of the summoned pet's max health. Add the Burning status effect to the summoned pet with stacks equal to the random target's vitality. Only activates after the battle starts.


Each pet level grants the following attributes:

Strength 15
Intelligence 15
Speed 60
Vitality 55

Kaze's Evolution

Kaze is an evolved pet from the following pet and Brand:

Chika Chika Common Wind Brand of Kaze