Game Guide


Common Earth

An ancient champion wielding a katana. Receives extra bonuses from Ancient Gifts.


Will Of The Katana

When in Bushido Stance, activate Bushido Blitz. When in Ronin Stance, activate Ronin's Reckoning. Bushido Blitz: Deals light earth damage with multiple hits based on pet's speed to target. Hits are increased by the number of ancient gifts and mastery level. Ronin's Reckoning: Deals heavy earth damage based on pet's strength and the amount of damage mitigated from the last attack the pet has received.

Tekio Technique

Triggered skill/cannot be used - At the beginning of each turn, enter Bushido Stance if attacking first or Ronin Stance if attacking second.


Each pet level grants the following attributes:

Strength 3
Intelligence 3
Speed 4
Vitality 3