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Evolved Fire/Shadow

Heartburn is for amateurs. This thing over ate so much and for so long that stomach acid is leaking out of its every orifice. It's Grotesque.


Flaming Belch

Deals fire damage based on vitality to all enemies and apply the Burning status effect based on damage done.

Swallow Whole

Deal extreme shadow damage based on vitality to the enemy with the lowest vitality. If the target dies, gain the Bloated status effect with 1 + mastery level stacks and heal for 5% + 2% per mastery level max health. If the target survives, spit it out and apply the Covered In Acid status effect with 1 + mastery level stacks.


Each pet level grants the following attributes:

Strength 35
Intelligence 20
Speed 25
Vitality 65

Grotesque's Evolution

Grotesque is an evolved pet from the following pet and Brand: