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Common Fire

Burpy, the blazing belly buddy from Update 5! Burpy is the ultimate fire-breathing foodie who's always up for some fiery fun. With a skill set that'll leave you both amused and astounded, Burpy is the hottest pet around! Use Burpy's overeat skill to gain more health and then let out a flaming burp that deals damage based on the pet's current health.



Deals fire damage based on 25% + 5% per mastery level of current health.

Over Eat

Applies the Bloated status effect to the pet. 5% chance per mastery level to apply an extra stack.


Each pet level grants the following attributes:

Strength 2
Intelligence 0
Speed 2
Vitality 6

Burpy Evolutions

Burpy can evolve into the following pets:

Grotesque Grotesque Evolved Fire/Shadow Brand of Grotesque

Note: Evolving Burpy requires it to be level 250, both skills to be mastery level 10, applying the evolved pet's brand and then applying an Orb of Evolution to that pet.