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Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent

Evolved Water/Light

Some trainers claim that the Rainbow Serpent is the divine creator of the universe, but they didn't say which universe. It's probably some small fishbowl universe where Goldies are the apex predator.



Deals extreme water damage based on intelligence and applies the Drenched status effect to all enemies.

Under The Rainbow

Triggered skill/cannot be used - On the start of this pet's turn, if it has initiative, heal all allies based on intelligence and apply the Inspired status effect. If it does not have initiative, apply Confuse, Stun and Blind to the pet with initiative. Stun and Inspired stacks are based on mastery level.


Each pet level grants the following attributes:

Strength 20
Intelligence 60
Speed 40
Vitality 25

Rainbow Serpent's Evolution

Rainbow Serpent is an evolved pet from the following pet and Brand: