Game Guide


Common Earth

A squirrely little creature.


Acorn Barrage

Deals earth damage with Multiple Hits to target. The number of hits is based on the pet's Strength. The damage of each hit is based on the pet's level. If the pet is Hoarding Acorns, remove 1 stack, and quadruple the number of hits.


Applies the Hoarding Acorns status effect to the pet. Hoards more acorns based on mastery level.


Each pet level grants the following attributes:

Strength 5
Intelligence 1
Speed 2
Vitality 3

Squirrely Evolutions

Squirrely can evolve into the following pets:

Weresquirrel Weresquirrel Evolved Earth/Shadow Brand of Weresquirrel

Note: Evolving Squirrely requires it to be level 250, both skills to be mastery level 10, applying the evolved pet's brand and then applying an Orb of Evolution to that pet.